October 27, 2009

Reading articles like this, this, and this, make me very excited for James Cameron’s Avatar. I know Avatar isn’t about the commercial side of gaming, but ti’s still a reflection of how “real” the virtual worlds of video games are becoming.

Not that I wasn’t excited to begin with for his first film since Titanic. But, Cameron’s been conceptualizing and working on this film for decades (ok, at least a decade). When I first heard about this movie, I didn’t even know what an avatar was. Now, in this strange world we live in, the real economy tanked, but the virtual goods economy is stronger than ever – people spend on their avatars as their homes are being foreclosed.

I can’t think of any other film that was in development for years that actually became more relevant as time went on, before it was even released. I can’t think of many things more rewarding as a filmmaker than you’re “ahead of it’s time vision” becoming reality right on schedule. It’s  truly a testament to Cameron’s skill as a visionary.


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